More Details for Jessica Burns Wedding Shower

You are invited to a wedding shower for Jessica Burns…..the newlywed wife of Josh Burns.

Most of us have known Josh since he was a little boy,

and this will give us all an opportunity to meet his wife Jessica and get to know her.

Please bring a recipe for Josh and Jessica.

    And below you will find a list of some items that Jessica and Josh mentioned

that would help them set up their household:

Toaster oven

Champagne flutes

Serving spoons

Instant pot (already purchased)

Casserole pan(s) (2 already purchased)

Mixing bowls (1 5-qt already purchased)

Plain linen napkins

Serving tray (already purchased)

Nutribullet  (already purchased)

Hand held fabric steamer (already purchased)

Gift cards to Home Depot and Lowe’s

There are also some things that we already have but that you can never have too much of.

Towels (light colors – white, blue, gray) (already purchased: Pair of white bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths)

Measuring cups and other cooking utensils (set of 20 utensils already purchased)

Also purchased for Jessica

monogrammed dish towel with gift card

Looking forward to this happy time of celebrating the union of this special couple.

            Please RSVP to the Punchbowl e-vite no later than Sept. 29th.