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  1. I am confused. This page already asked for my comment. Why is it asking for the comment again? I am sending it again.
    I read Carol Kent’s book, Becoming a Woman of Influence. She quoted you on pages 90 and 91 from your lecture, “Thoroughly Postmodern Millie and Willie.” I am interested in the part, “However, the postmodern person has no sense of being part of a grand story.” What is your original source for this information? My husband is a teacher and I speak and write. This concept totally changes the presuppositions of many people and things. Somewhere I also heard people born after 1984 are more self-centered than big picture. Who said the concept and what is significant about 1984?

    • Joan, I’m sorry for the duplication. Somehow the first comment did not come through, as I only received this one. So I’m glad you resent it.

      As for the source on this, I read this article quite some time ago: . But the concept is quite common in the literature on postmodernism. You might want to google “What happened to metanarrative?” or just “metanarrative”. That’s the term in the literature for “a larger story” that makes sense of things.

      John Eldredge mentions the idea here: (And you can find McClendon’s books on Amazon)

      Not aware of why 1984 would be a marker year in this discussion. Sorry.

      I hope this helps. Blessings on you and your husband’s work.Please let me know if you have other questions.