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Beach Boys, Love and Mercy Movie and the Lost Gospel of Brian Wilson

Duck Dynasty. Reinforcing the Backwoods Redneck Stereotype of Christians?

Downton Abbey: A Technicolor Story Enfolds a Black and White World

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: Boomers Take On Aging and Death

Noah or God’s Not Dead?

motion blurred roadCulture Shift

A Visit to the Emerging Church-The Gospel According to Lost

IF: The (mostly) Under-40’s Rock at Their First Un-Conference

About the Gay Bride and the Christian Photographer

Making Sense of Postmodern Politics

Empathy! Can We Succeed in Ministry or Politics without It?

Is Postmodernism a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Sad little girlEmotional Doubt

When Pain Is Too Much to Bear, How Do We Find Relief?

If God Doesn’t Condemn Me Then Why All the Regret?

Noah. Genocide. The Goodness of God

Gaza, Ukraine, ISIS, Afghanistan, Libya, Honduras…Five Ways to Dispel Dread

ok with tree on natural background Transformation

The Dark Side of Creativity: Procrastination

What It Takes To Move People from Here to There

Bonhoffer on Quieting Our Inner Critic

How Can We Worship if We Don’t Think? How Can We Think If We Mostly Want to Have a Good Time?


To Grads. From Harvard and Dallas Willard. How to Live a Successful Life.

Six Ways to More Life, Joy and Meaning at Christmas

Mary Overshadowed

What to Give Your Introverted/Extroverted Valentine


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2 thoughts on “Best of

  1. Lael. It’s Sam Larch. Hi!
    I ran across an article about a documentary about Brian Welch coming out soon. I remember you and Rick interviewing him. It was special to me to be a part of that interview because I was a big fan of his former band.

    At any rate, I went googling around to try and find the interview and ran across your site. So, Hi, again!

    • Hi Sam, so good to hear from you! Jack is now pastor in a church here in Columbia, South Carolina, so we are on the east coast now. Are you still in the Tomball area? I have often missed your expertise. I’m sure you are a blessing to some business or group. Thanks for taking the time to say Hi.