Beach Boys Brian Wilson and the Quest for Cool

youTube videos

Beautiful Dreamer Clip 1 Cue at 2:37-5:12


BW Bio Clip  1 Cue at 3:20-7:08, Clip 2 cue at 8:25-9:51

I Get Around  clip



Part 2

Beautiful Dreamer-LSD> California Girls, cue at 10:40-11:10

California Girls video cue at 0-30 then 1:07-1:23

Barbara Ann video: cue @ 1:54-3:23

Brian Wilson Bio Part 4: Barbara Ann to Pet Sounds: Cue 6:18-9:59

Marilyn reads letter (cue @ 8:15-9:50)

Pet Sounds Brian’s struggles to Beach Boy’s response: (cue 1:37-4:37); Good Vibrations clip (cue 6:34-7:38)

Quest for Cool Part 3

Pet Sounds/Art that Shook the World (play for back ground)

Good Vibrations:  (Beg to 2:15)

Smile overview (2:45-3:28)

Surf’s Up (cue @ :55 to 1:58)


Do It Again 1968 (cue 1:38 to end)

Till I Die 1971 (cue from 1:05 to 1:40

Brian and Diane Sawyer: Prime Time Live (6:53-7:40, 8:28-10:44)

Brian Wilson presents Smile Live:

Brian Walking Down the Path of Life; Love and Mercy

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