Nancy Pearcey, Author of Love Thy Body, Coming to Columbia Sept 23rd

Engaging the Culture Series Presents Nancy Pearcey

Defending Sexual Truth in a Secular Age

In her new book Prof. Pearcey asks, “How can Christians move beyond a negative message of shame and guilt to communicate a wholesome and humane view of sexuality?” She offers a Christian view of the body and sexuality that…

  • aligns with science and reality, and offers more fulfillment and meaning than the secular alternative
  • heals the dissonance that results from separating biological life from personhood
  • casts a vision of how our design and our moral commitments can define us more than our feelings
  • addresses the hard issues–abortion, euthanasia, the hook-up culture, homosexuality, transexuality and the meltdown of marriage and family–with compassion, promoting loving service


Nancy Pearcey is Professor of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, Author of the ECPA Gold Medallion-winning Total Truth, and Co-author of How Now Shall We Live? with Chuck Colson


Professor Pearcey’s presentation will be followed by extensive Q&A

    Reception following; Admission is free

Sunday, Sept 23rd, 2018    6:30-8:30 pm

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church

5637 Bush River Rd., Columbia, SC 29212      803.772.1000
Infant to pre-school childcare may be provided
No backpacks will be admitted; Additional details here


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