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Messages that will help you understand and navigate our great cultural divide

Our great culture shift is pulling generations apart. The postmodern under 40’s will not simply “grow out of” a whole new worldview. We modern over 40’s may wonder, “Who stole our kids and our grandkids?” How do we connect with younger workers so glued to their screens? Jesus’ most earnest wish before he went to the cross was for our unity. Like a missionary, we can find our way into their worlds and learn the language and culture of their hearts.

Connect smallConnect: Bridging the Culture Shift that Divides Us:

This presentation begins with a slide deck of how everything is changing–hairstyles, clothing, furniture, architecture, politics. And how all this cultural change is flowing downstream from changes in worldview, modern to postmodern. You’ll discover what recent research tells us about the values of the under 40’s. How their authenticity, empathy, tolerance/openness, autonomy etc. shape what style of communication and ministry engages them. Most importantly, we’ll ask, “How do we respond to an increasingly postmodern world? Engagement or separation/protection?” You’ll find strategies to equip you to connect with your kids and grandkids and reach the hearts and minds of the next generation.

22-PICT0049Moving Not Just Minds but Hearts for Christ: 

As educators and parents we long to pass the torch of living for what really matters to the next generation. We might tend to rely mostly on communicating truth with reason and logic to our students’/children’s minds. How might we also communicate truth to the heart of today’s postmodern generation, motivated less by facts or duty, more by authenticity, story and vision?

We’ll examine how we can move from “life on the ark,” focused so much on the protection of our children, to “life on mission,” also inspiring them to live outward, Kingdom-building lives. You’ll learn how to use stories and questions, imagination and authenticity to teach truth in a way that can ignite the next generation’s vision and passion for God and inspire them to  live for him fully engaged with their gifts and talents.

Connecting with the Hearts of Today’s Audience: 

We are living in the midst of a revolution of worldviews. Our neighbors, co-workers and family members increasingly hold different perspectives on truth, virtue, justice, meaning and hope. “Post-modernism is the air we breathe.”

This most requested message offers an easily understood summary of how our culture is changing from modern to postmodern and what that means for teachers and leaders. It constructs a profile of today’s audience and offers practical strategies to connect our message, especially the gospel, in a winsome and compelling way to their needs and cultural sensibilities.

no megaphoneTeaching about Cultural Issues with Truth and Grace-

Whether we are teaching and leading people who are divided by age or worldview, we’ll discuss the tension between approaching our deepest differences as territory to be won or a broken culture that needs healing. We’ll discuss how to listen well and speak truth boldly, yet with empathy. The role of humor and sarcasm. We’ll take a deep look at culture care strategies of gratitude and generosity. Probe the difference between Kingdom First and America First messaging. And most importantly, we’ll focus on how to expose faulty assumptions from a Christian worldview and provide an eternal perspective of redemption and hope.

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