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love and mercy LP posterBeach Boy Brian Wilson and the Quest for Cool

Set in the cultural revolution of the 60’s, these music and video-rich presentations show the unfolding American story of worldviews through the life of Brian Wilson, founder of the Beach Boys. One of America’s greatest composers, Brian’s quest to be hip was only surpassed by his quest for spiritual experience. A look behind the happy music and lush harmonies reveals many hard life lessons such as, the way drugs can wreck a life and how striving for performance and living from feelings can set us up for crushing disappointment.  Great springboard for student (and parent) discussions. For much more information on these presentations please visit this page.

 Christian Worldview Overview

Reading glasses on bible textLive Wisely│ Love Well from a Christian Worldview 

The world has lost its story. Today’s culture offers no confidence that there is a larger story of purpose and meaning beyond the small stories of our individual lives. Through his Word God reveals a larger story to live in that gives us the best answers to the big questions of life like:

What is true and good? How can we know if God’s story is true?│ How does the larger story begin? Who are we? │ What is wrong with the world and how might it be fixed?│What is our role in the story? How do we find purpose and meaning? │ How does the story end? What is our destiny?

We spend a lifetime searching out the answers. But even a short overview is helpful. With respect for the complexity and mystery of God and his ways, this message offers Scriptures, evidence and reasons to show how Christianity is far more satisfying and hopeful than any other story/worldview on the table. You will be strengthened in your confidence that God’s larger story is not just “true for us” but “total truth” and be equipped to share it with others.

Who is God?

Sad little girlYour God is Not So Good

Today’s culture sits as judge and jury on the goodness of God. To be honest, we struggle too–God, Where Are You? Are you really good? I don’t understand your response to suffering. Your judgment. Sometimes you seem like my enemy.

Decades of living with rheumatoid arthritis and I’ve echoed Job’s cry. Probably you too. It’s our deepest question for God, our greatest barrier to loving him well. This message renews your vision of how powerful the enemy is and how completely God has conquered him. It offers evidence to help you affirm the goodness of God, even in judgment. Like God’s conversation with Job, it will help you take comfort in his presence and his power to defeat evil.

For a sample of this content see my post Noah. Genocide. The Goodness of God.

What is truth? How do we know if we have the truth?

WhateverHolding on to Truth in a Whatever World

From “God’s Truth is marching on,” to “we hold these truths to be self-evident,” to “truth that’s true for me,” to “truthiness,” truth has shrunk.  Is your own faith challenged? This message will strengthen your confidence in God’s truth and help you explain it without sounding arrogant or condemning.

We’ll probe how the reliability of God’s Word and how Jesus spoke confidently of truth. And lived it. We’ll affirm that God’s truth is not just privately true,  but total truth. In light of so many competing truth claims, many are asking…where is truth lived out authentically in community? We’ll discuss practical ways we can be people of truth in a whatever world.

Where have we come from?

2340-health-1100024554-10182013Top Reasons to Believe the “Fact” of Evolution

This somewhat humorous message takes a serious look at how creation and evolution are both “faith” positions. The mounting evidence for design is contrasted with the gaps and holes in Darwinian theory in an accessible presentation for people who want to major on the big ideas and minor on the techno-details. (endorsed by Phillip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial)


Who are we?

Portrait of senior and young couples with their children looking at camera at home

Sex and Gender, Truth and Grace: We are image-bearers, embodied souls, male and female 

Today’s culture tells us that we are no more than neurons firing and chemicals washing. Sexuality is a single continuum with male on one end, female on the other, and any degree of gender we choose in between.

But the real you is not just your body. Or even your brain. You are a living, embodied soul, created in the image of God. We’ll probe how Scripture describes sexuality as two continuums, not one–male embodied souls and female embodied souls with great variation on each continuum. For example, at one end of the female continuum think Legally Blonde with tomboys at the other end, both fully female.

The loss of this truth in today’s culture results in such pain and anger. We’ll listen to stories of hurt and fear on both sides and discuss how to respond with empathy and the love behind God’s protective commands.

We’ll see what it means to be made in God’s image, with a mind, emotions, will, conscience and spirit that make us like God (and quite distinct from animals)–all so that we can know and enjoy him forever.

For a sample of this content see my post: Transgender and Bathrooms: FAQ’s from a Christian Worldview


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