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Lael Arrington
With a Masters in the History of Ideas Lael taught Western culture and apologetics at secular and Christian schools and colleges. She has learned even more from her own journey with affliction and from years as a pastor’s wife. She understands what it means to overcome duty and resignation and help others live from joy and delight in Christ.
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Lael has authored four books, most recently Faith and Culture: The Guide to a Culture Shaped by Faith with Kelly Monroe Kullberg. For almost five years she co-hosted weekly radio conversations about The Things That Matter Most with guests as diverse as atheist Sam Harris, Dallas Willard and Deepak Chopra.
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Featured In

Lael’s books have been featured on Chuck Colson’s Breakpoint, in Focus on the Family and World magazines. She has spoken at universities, CS Lewis, Right to Life and ACSI conferences as well as national and international Women’s conferences and retreats.


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"Lael Arrington brings contemporary issues into the light of biblical truth in a way that increases our understanding of both—without rhetoric and paranoia."
- John Edlredge, best-selling author, Wild at Heart.

"Lael connects the dots in a way that satisfies the intellect and the imagination"
- Sue Bohlin, Probe Ministries

"Arrington is a veteran teacher of the Christian worldview and an avid student of our culture - and it shows."
- CBA Marketplace

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