Can the Portland Protests Actually Bring Change?–the answer from their own graffiti

A photo essay

Protesters set fire to County office in Portland, August 18, 2020

America is hurting. Angry. Burning. As we watched George Floyd die under the knee of Officer Chauvin, the outrage in the Black community finally reached the tipping point. Demonstrations spread across the country. The outrage has been deeply felt in the White community too. In this unique moment of our cultural history, both sides seem united in empathy for George Floyd and a desire to see change.

Powerful forces are trying to seize this moment to create lasting change. Saturday night was the Portland protesters’ 80th consecutive night of protest and riots. They demand justice for George Floyd and for the Black community.

But why are they attacking the police precincts, the courthouse? Why did they break down the fence around it and try to set fire to it with lawmen inside? Why are they starting to protest in the suburbs? What do they want? And is their protest their best hope for change?

The best answers I’ve seen are in pictures shot in Portland and shared on Facebook. Click here to see more. Devon Combs, who posted these and lives near Portland, has given me permission to post them in this photo essay. The mainstream media has suppressed these images. Rep. Gerald Nadler has called them a myth. But these pictures speak so powerfully of the violence and the message being delivered in Portland. I urge you to see them for yourself.

Below you’ll see the not always PG pictures with a little commentary, explaining the “code” of the Oregon protesters graffiti message communicated in numbers, symbols and urban slang. Read the handwriting on Portland’s walls:

(Please click this link to continue. My computer glitched and would not load all the pictures, so please see them and read my post where I also blog at

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